Frequently Asked Questions

Will my check-up and my counselling session be confidential?

Counselling and medical check-ups are confidential. Confidentiality may only be compromised in rare cases, where a counsellor has reason to believe that:

  • the client is at risk of harm
  • other people are at risk of harm
  • there is a child protection issue.

In these cases, a social worker may be informed.

Will my check-up and counselling session be confidential if I am under 18?

All services will answer questions about their policy on seeing people under 18 over the phone. Confidentiality may not be upheld if a person under 18 attends a service without the consent of a parent/guardian.

Some services will talk to the girl about informing her parents/guardians and support her in doing that. Other services will only see a girl under 18 if she is accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What is the law on abortion in Ireland?

Abortion is illegal in Ireland except where there is a real and substantial risk to the life, (as distinct from the health) of the mother.

Women may not be prevented from travelling abroad to get an abortion. It is lawful to provide information in Ireland about abortions abroad, subject to strict conditions. It is not lawful to encourage or advocate an abortion in individual cases.

For further information on the law regarding abortion in Ireland visit: